Computer Center

The computer centre at Bokaro Steel City College, Bokaro is a state-of-art facility, with the Wi-Fi and campus wide LAN features. We use the advanced computer systems with high end configuration, and the latest software versions.

We understand that eminent facilities for computer centre are required for working on different software platforms. The hardware should match the requirements of various software, else running these programs is impossible. So, we provide the computers with the latest configurations. Our students can even work on high end graphics by using the advanced hardware and software at their disposal.

For data connectivity, we use LAN for connecting the entire campus, and Wi-Fi only at the computer centre. Dedicated computers are provided for browsing the internet, and each student is allocated with the respective timings to use this facility.

All kinds of software applications are available at the computer centre, and care is taken to update them with the new versions regularly.

Computer Labs Rules
  • Students must present a valid ID card before entering the computer lab.
  • Playing of games on computer in the lab is strictly prohibited.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from downloading, viewing or distributing any offensive materials.
  • Before leaving the lab, users must close all programs positively and keep the desktop blank.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from modifying or deleting any important files and install any software or settings in the computer.
  • Based on the prime priority, users may be requested by the lab in-charge, to leave the workstation any time and the compliance is a must.
  • Eating and/or drinking inside the computer labs is strictly prohibited.
  • Internet facility is only for educational/ study purpose.
  • Silence must be maintained in the lab at all times.
  • The lab must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • If any problem arises, please bring the same to the notice of lab in-charge.
  • No bags/ hand bags/ rain coats/ casual wears will be allowed inside the computer lab, however note book may be allowed.
  • Every user must make an entry while entering in the Computer Lab and also at the time of exit from the lab.
  • Each student or visitor must take mobile phones in “Switched Off” mode while entering and or working in Computer Lab.
  • Conversation, discussion, loud talking & sleeping are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to use personal Pen Drives, CDs, DVDs etc., in a Computer Lab. Only prescribed official Pen Drives, CDs, DVDs etc. will be used in the Computer Lab to avoid VIRUS in Computers.
  • No duplicate or pirated Software(s) will be allowed to be used in a Computer Lab.
  • Users must turn-off the computer before leaving the computer lab.
  • In case of theft / destruction of the computers or peripherals, double the cost of the lost will be charged from the student/user.
  • The computer lab is for academic purposes. Therefore, a quiet atmosphere is required. Noisy students will be asked to leave.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the computer lab.
  • Illegal copying of copyrighting software, music or videos
  • Unauthorized installation or removal of software or files