Medical Facility

The College has a well-equipped medical room with 2 beds. First aid facilities, a wheel chair and a blood pressure machine are available in this medical room and there is a nurse on campus to cater to students who report minor health related issues. In case of any emergency, the student is either rushed to a nearby hospital/medical center or a doctor is called immediately.

B.S. City College, Bokaro provides 24×7 medicare for all our students and staff. Health care facilities for students and staff are felt to be the basic need and in this connection with Bokaro General Hospital to facilitate health care facilities to students and other staff alike.

Healthcare facilities are available round the clock at the B.S. City College Health Centre and also in hostels. The Health Centre functions to provide immediate medicinal and first aid to all students and staff if the situation arises. The Health Centre is well equipped with respect to the availability of basic health related facilities like thermometer, sterilizer, auto-clave, dressing drum, weight measuring machine, B. P. Apparatus, patient bed and stretcher etc.

Regular Health Checkup camps are organized with active support from hospitals and Medical Colleges in the city. In case of complications, the patients are referred to Bokaro General Hospital in Bokaro. Transportation is ready 24×7 for students’ care.